Buyuk Valide Han
Historic Site
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A few year's ago accessing the rooftop of the 17th-century Büyük Valide Han in Eminönü was one of Istanbul's best kept secrets. Now word is out, it's becoming one of the most photographed views in the city. Tucked away in the backstreets behind the Spice Bazaar, its a location many travels fear to go - put off by the maze of streets that are easy to get lost in. The building itself is an old Ottoman inn that once accommodated traveling merchants. Whilst today it's a workplace for craftsmen, it was used to store Oriental and European wares traveling the Silk Road and Spice Routes. To access the rooftop you'll need to find the key-keeper and offer a small tip. He can usually be found on the first floor and show you the secret doorway to a magnificent view. Watch your step though, there is few safety railings in place - if at all. If you have mobility problems then it's best you stay at ground level.
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Oct 3, 2016
The most impressive view out there. The place lets you take a look at Istanbul in its full pride. You'll have to tip the building guard to let you in. read more>>
May 20, 2016
Ayman A
Awesome place to see the phosphorous from high place, unfortunately sometimes they don't give you permission to go there read more>>
Apr 26, 2016
It is just the most wonderful place I have yet visited in my life. To go there you have to find your way through backalleys and ancient (or just plain old ;) ) looking ailes. At some point you... read more>>
Apr 16, 2016
If you want a postcard-like photo with a great view of Istanbul this is the right place. Just make sure to get there on the day of the best weather during your stay and your photos will look amazing... read more>>
Mar 21, 2016
Truly it is a marvelous place to watch Istanbul. It might be difficult to get there, studying the location before would be wise. read more>>
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