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IFSAK (Association of Photography and Cinema Amateurs of Istanbul) aims to provide the learning, spread and development of photography and cinema art in our country; to create rapprochement and solidarity among the people working in the field of photography and cinema, to prepare a culture and art scene where personalities and skills can be developed; To try to introduce Turkish culture and art abroad; to ensure recognition and monitoring of cultural and artistic activities in other countries within the country; is a non-profit-making civil society organization that carries basic aims of doing photograph and cinema projects by being sensitive to social issues.

Our association established by Nelettin Erkılıç under the leadership of "Erenköy Amateur Photography Club" on November 29, 1959 by Celalettin Yavsi Ebusüudoğlu, Turgut Ekin, Kemal Kozar, Hulki Öğreten, Şinasi Özatalay and Reşat Aşkın; He opened his first photography exhibition in Galatasaray High School in 1960. In order to popularize its activities, in 1962 it was named as the "Association of Istanbul Photographers and Cinema Amateurs" (İFSAK).
Ayhan Işık Sokak 21, 34433 İstanbul
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