Suleymaniye Hamam
Bath House
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"Built in 1557 by Mimar Sinan for the Sultan of the era, Süleyman the Magnificent, as part of the Suleymaniye mosque complex. The arched and domed structure has beautiful marble inlay walls, and is still operating as a traditional bathhouse. Catering mainly to tourists, the couples can enjoy their unforgettable Turkish bath experience together. The entire process also includes a short introduction to the traditional customs of this authentic experience.

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Oct 20, 2016
Thomas C
So the actual experience of the Hamam is amazing, if you haven't had one before then definitely do it if you have then this one wont disappoint. The building is incredible and the Hamam itself is all... read more>>
Sep 18, 2016
Bronwyn H
During our visit in March 2016 we visited the bath as it was recommended and organized by our hotel and we are glad we did. We did not know exactly what to expect but had a fabulous time. The staff... read more>>
Sep 4, 2016
It is not very common to visit Turkish bath as a couple. Usually it is only for men or women, but not mixed. This one is for couples and only for couples, so if you are single, you should look for... read more>>
Jul 9, 2016
To the best of my knowledge, this is the only Turkish bath that allows couples. It is the only bath I visited, so my opinion is based on limited experience. It is a beautiful, historic Hamam which... read more>>
Jul 4, 2016
We were recommended this hammam by our hotel concierge as they did couples hammam. Most hammams in Istanbul have set times for men and women. We arrived and were given very clear instructions on how... read more>>
Dökmeciler Hamamı Sokak 1, 34116 İstanbul
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