Best Istanbul Rooftops and Terraces for the Sunset
The best spot to end your city stroll and savor the dazzling landscape of Istanbul is one of its many sunset bars and restaurants. Built upon seven hills and by the most beautiful waterways in the world, the Old City takes center stage as the sun dips behind the towers and minarets of glittering Ottoman palaces and mosques. Be it a 5-star hotel restaurant perched on top of a skyscraper, a buzzing cocktail bar nestled in the terrace of an elegant 19th-century townhouse in Beyoğlu, or a garden restaurant overlooking the Bosphorus, the city charms visitors each time with its spectacular rooftop views. So, take a seat at one of these top restaurants and bars for views of the Bosphorus, Golden Horn or the Sea of Marmara to enjoy the romance and beauty of Istanbul.
Need Inspiration
Restaurant - Kadıköy
16 Roof
Restaurant - Beşiktaş
Summit Bar & Terrace
Bar - Beşiktaş
Cloud 34
Bar - Şişli
Roof Mezze 360
Restaurant - Fatih
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